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The Rabat zoo is actually called zoo in Rabat, and if the call Rbatis Zoo, it has nothing to do with the old zoo which was located not far away in Temara. The new “Zoo” is now run by a private capital firm 100{a381fc5e9a57d7bdeaec59c2def9c419475874e81e1a1d677bb3188c5769329c} public, OJSC “National Zoo”. Appropriate for all ages, the zoo Rabat target younger people who represent the future of Morocco: Environmental education is an essential response to the environmental challenges of the emerging African countries.


Les Jardins Exotiques de Bouknadel immediately arouses the public interest, but completely private, these gardens gradually degrade and become rowdy. The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection banks with financial assistance supports, in 2002, this invaluable heritage and after several years of work in the spirit intended by its creator, reopen these gardens to the public early 2005.


The Botanical Garden of trials was established in 1914, then refurbished between 2006 and 2013, the Botanical Garden of trials Rabat is now registered in the Universal Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO). Spanning 17 hectares, this garden is a place to relax but especially an ecological space dedicated to scientific research and preservation of the environment. An Exhibition Greenhouse, a Moorish house and a museum are present in this garden that has no fewer than 650 plant species of various origins.